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How to grow health enriched Tropical Amaranth('Siru keerai' in Tamil) at your home



The unique and magnificent properties that are present  in amaranthus tricolor has a power of curing many rare diseases and diseases that has no cure in English medicines.  It has iron and calcium in abundant quantity.  It increases memory power if it’s taken in a daily diet.  It excretes the unwanted materials and protects the body form dangerous diseases.  The person who is suffering from the final or critical stage of  phthisis are recommended by siddha doctors to eat this variety.  It has a power of curing poisonous insect bites.  Trash, gallbladder disease , phthisis, eye diseases , wounds and food poisoning are cured by adding Tropical amaranth.  The laxative, diuretic and refrigerant properties are present in it. 






siru keerai, vegetables

English Name : Tropical amaranth 

Botanical Name : Amaranthus tricolor

Tamil Name : Sirukeerai

Health benefits of tropical amaranth or Sirukeerai

Sirukeerai - Rich in Iron

  • Cures gastric problems
  • Cures urinary problems
  • Cures eye disease, piles, anemia

Regular intake of Sirukeerai gives glowing skin

Cultivate health enriched Sirukeerai at your home. 
Not much spaces is needed. Any empty place at your balcony/roof-top is sufficient to cultivate Sirukeerai. 

Tropical Amaranth ('Sirukeerai' in Tamil)  has a power of curing many rare diseases and diseases that has no cure in English medicines
Siru keerai after clean them up for cooking

As a gardening enthusiast, I’d love to grow every possible plant in my garden, whether its herbs, vegetables, flowering shrubs, ornamental plants or trees. I want it all. But if you are a beginner, taking your first steps to setting up your terrace garden, you’ll have to pick and choose which plants are worth growing. 

Some greens you buy from shops can be grown very easily.

    Plant Tropical amaranth (Siru keerai) stems with roots in a pot Plant Tropical amaranth (Siru keerai) stems with roots in a pot

    Plant Tropical amaranth (Siru keerai) stems with roots in a pot

    Now, let's come to our topic. Today I'm going to experiment planting Tropical amaranth. I just bought a bunch of the vegetable from market today. After pluck them separate the green and stem, root or the seed accordingly for planting and cooking. 

    As shown in the picture above, prepare the pot with potting mix, sow the root with stems. And seeds(on right side in plastic which is plucked from the leaves) mixed with sand, pour water gently and cover the seeds with some more potting mix.


    You can also just sow the seeds of Tropical amaranth in the mud pot. Just press the seeds inside the mud. It need not be deep. After this, sprinkle some water. You should not pour water till the seed grow to at least 2 inches.The seeds should not be exposed under direct sun light. On the other hand, you can plant the stem with roots or just the stems for this Tropical amaranth. Many greens are "cut and come again" so harvest the greens, leave the roots and keep watering and they will sprout another set of greens.





    Tropical amaranth vegetable Fried rice - A healthy meal
    Tropical amaranth fried rice

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    Have a nice experience of growing greens in your house.
    Your valuable suggestions on growing Tropical amaranth are invited.


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